Tuesday, 23 May 2017

TRAVEL ALERT: Mass airport delays expected this weekend. San Francisco

TRAVEL ALERT: Mass airport delays expected this weekend
Updated 23 May 2017

Major flight delays and numerous cancellations are expected at San Francisco International Airport this weekend

Maintenance work needs to be completed on the airport’s tarmac before the summer rush.

A $35-million repaving project scheduled for weekends this spring was supposed to be put on hold this Saturday and Sunday to accommodate the upcoming Memorial Day travel. However, after the work fell behind, officials decided they could not afford to take the weekend off.

Flight delays are expected to average 30 to 90 minutes between the start of work at 22h00 on Friday and the end of the job at roughly 16h00 on Monday.

The delays and cancellations, airport officials said, will compare to the disruption caused by a winter storm. Travelers are advised to keep in close touch with their carriers.

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